The Rules 

No Flooding - This is when you fill the chat with not needed chat messages that our weblinks or things similar to that. 

No Spamming - This is like flooding only its just random text. just saying stuff like "fijbgf" every message filling the chat with annoying content. This also counts as smiley Spam. Where you make random smileys that take over chat. 

No Swearing to people- This is where you cuss and mean stuff like "Fuck you". You may swear every once and awhile but not at people and dont abuse it.

No Advertising - This is when you give a weblink to another team or site. You may give youtube links but thats it. if you give links to porn websites or things around that you will be banned minimum 24hours.

No Hack/scam - This is when you are asking for Facebook, Yola, Pr2, ect, account Passwords.  Also if you hack the team you will be banned forever.

No Abusing Powers - This rule is for the staff. Dont abuse your powers. This is Banning Somone for no reason or ban somone cuase your mad. Also kicking somone for no reason or just becuase your bored is also not allowed. Abusing Powers will result in a demotion.

No Trolling - This is Being annoying. This also means asking for modship or owner ship non-stop that is annoying. 

No Bad Names - This means having a name that is inappropriate. like "Naked Sex Man".  Also no cloning names. You can clone names if the person your cloning is ok with it but if he is not it will result in a 1st digree kick.

No asking for xat or days - This is like asking for powers. 


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