Team Staff 

 Moderators (White)

1. Epic Sui (Pro Mod)

2. Devious Matrix

3. Devious King

4. ExTTreme



Owners (Gold)

1. TacoGuest (Main)

2. Swaggboss(main)

3. Choppen (MAIN)




How To become 

Member - You must Get Atleast 5 SP

1st Temp Mod - You Must get to 1,000 SP    (Temp Last 1 day)

2nd Temp Mod - You Must get to 2,000 SP   (Temp Lasts 1 day)

REAL MOD - You Must atleast get 3,000 SP

Pro Mod - Get Atleast 9,000 SP

1st Temp Owner - You Must Get to 4,500 SP

2nd Temp Owner - You Must Get to 10,000 SP

REAL OWNER - You Must get to Atleast 25,000 SP

Main Owner - You must get 100,000 SP. Or you can be a really good Owner and you can become Owner.


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