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If you want to become a member, check out the rules page =)

Rules: http://teamacid.yolasite.com/the-rules.php

This team was created by Choppen, Atomic Galaxy and Shadow


Welcome to Team Acid. We were once Pr2Warlords but was destroyed by Team Insanez. This time we will be even better then Pr2Warlords and Destory Team Insanez and anyone in our Path.

If you are looking for the rules of our team go to the "Rules" Page. Also if you want to know how to join our Staff go to Team Staff Page.

Also Platform Racing 2 isnt the only game here. we have other games too. we will get more and more games for you. We will be the Best Team Ever.

If you have any Comments or Ideas please tell us on the Comments Page. We would love you know what you think of the Team! 



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