ItzTourney is a Solo Trap Tournament. Created by iTzFail, and Published by Pr2Acid. The levels for this Trap Tourney are all made by iTzfail. He will get 100 SP for setting up the tournament. The Tourney will be like this. For round 1 you will be going agianst a player. The 1st player to get trapped 3 times loses. If a player gets trapped and the other player survived he must save the player. If both players get trapped on the same level the farthest player wins. If a player gets trapped and the survived player doesnt save him. The Survived player is disqualied. If both player get trapped on the same trap they must redo. TacoGuest will Judge the races. If he wants to enter the Tournament another player must judge him on his turn. If iTzFail makes a cheat in the game for he can win the tournament he is disqualified and everyone else who uses it. Jump Start Hat Aloud. No kinds of glitching that: Cheat in the trap level, Get your Hat back, or glitch out of a trap. You must be rank 15 and over to enter. The Tourney will start when we have max players.

Prizes for TOP 3 winners

1st place - 350 SP

2nd place - 150 SP

3rd Place - 75 SP

4th Place - 0 SP 

 Round 1      Map: T.A.T.T ,  by ItzFail

(0-0)TacoGuest - Oingele(0-0)

(0-0) iTzFail - exTTreme (0-0)

(0-0) Choppen - Barca Kid (0-0)

(0-0) (Empty) - (Empty) (0-0)

(0-0) (Empty) - (Empty) (0-0)

(0-0) (Empty) - (Empty) (0-0)

(0-0) (Empty) - (Empty) (0-0)

(0-0) (Empty) - (Empty) (0-0)



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