Team Trap Frenzy!!!


Team Trap Frenzy is probally the Biggest Tournament ever on Pr2Acid. With cool stuff and amazing Prizes this is gonna be big. This is how it works, You and somone else will join togeather and form a team. come up with a team name and PM TacoGuest saying that you and this person is Team "Name" and want to join Tournament. You will be added and be ready to start the tournament. Once the Tournament begins on July 2nd (Deadline for Applying for tournament) the fight will begin. A trap Match will be Found and 2 teams "Per Race" Will fight to the end. Save your partner only. Keep going untill you and your partner is trapped. the farthest team wins and promotes to the next round. The levels will get harder and harder. RULES: No hacking. This will result in disqualifyment. Hotspot shield is allowed. if by chance you get disconnected in a round the racers may not start over. If by chance Both Teams get trapped in the exact same place there will have to be a redo. Good luck my fellow players. please apply your team before July 2nd. Also You cant have somone else play your account who's better to make you win. thats cheating and it will make you lose. You can also break up with your team if you dont like them. You can also change you team name if want. If your are online on July 2nd and your teammate isnt your disqualified. Also Speciel Thanks to, Sui, Tarutula-X and TacoGuest to make this tournament Possible.


3rd Place: 50 days!!!

2nd Place: 1,000 xats!!!

1st Place: 4,000 xats!!!



  • ~Falc~
  • ShadowFax

Team Pwn

  • Frozen Z
  • Mr.Pwn.alot

No Namers

  • nicacapo98

Dark Trappers

  • Pythro9
  • light2shine

Electro Musicians

  • GoukisanNG
  • Team Kuly

Deadly Trap Gods

  • ChampionerX
  • PythroZ



X-Trappers (Skip Round 3)

  • Tibere
  • Choppen

๖̶ۣۜNo Name๖̶ۣۜ

  • TacoGuest
  • DottieJewles

Supernatural Noobs

  • Wicked Angel
  • Axe Warrior
Team Infernex
  • ~ShadowZ~
  • ~Creamy 123

Thunder Warriors

  • Rensje
  • Firestar2000

The Sexy Llamacorns

  • Tarantula-X
  • Shenk44

Best Flavor Ever

  • ~Stunt Man~
  • Iushka

Team Awesome

  • Martinio47
  • Unified

The Bosses

  • UgotPwned4ever
  • ITzFail


  • Chanise
  • Ryry2000

Trap Gods

  • Spouchy21
  • Michael Man

Ice Warriors

  • Pokemon6
  • exttreme

Round 1

X-Trappers - Supernatural Noobs                                (X-Trappers win by Defualt)

No Name - The Sexy Llamacorns                                 (The Sexy Llamacorns win by Defualt)     

Thunder Warriors - Team Infernex                             (Both Teams lose by No show) 

Best Flavor Ever - Team Awesome                              (Both Teams lose by No show)  

The Bosses - ShadowHunter                                        (Both Teams lose by No show)

Team Pwn - xX~SkillZ~Xx.                                           (xX~SkillZ~Xx. win by Defualt) 

Trap Gods - No namers                                                (Both Teams lose by No show)

Dark Trappers - Electro Musicians                              (Dark Trappers win by defualt)

Map: ~200 Traps~ by Devious Dragon


Round 2

X-Trappers - Deadly Trap Gods                                   (X-Trappers win)

The Sexy Llamacorns - Ice Warriors                            (Ice Warriors win)

xX~SkillZ~Xx. - Dark Trappers                                     (Dark Trappers win by Defualt)

Map: Acer TW by Samme2121 


Round 3

Ice Warriors - Dark Trappers                                     (Dark Trappers)

Map: traps by ~That Kid~


Final Round

Dark Trappers - X-Trappers

Map: The Trap Trials by TacoGuest



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