Old Campaign Prix


    A Old Campaign Racing Tournament. 2 people will Start in Newbieland 2. The winner of that race will get 1 point. Then they wil go the next race called Mario Bros Remix. The Winner of that race will get 1 point and this will continue to the end of Hat Factory. The persn with the most points wins that round. Then they will get to play with another person you won there round. They will do the same thing. The winner of that round (ROUND 2) will play a winner of the last round in round 3. untill there are only 2 players left (If you get lower points then the other player you are out of the tourament) The last play standing wins the tournament. You must be over rank 15 to enter. No Cowboy Hats alowed. Crown Hat is alowed in all maps except Hat Factory. You can only wear Jump Start Hat if both players deside to wear it. If you are over the rank of 45 you can't enter. War is Allowed Glitching is allowed but Hacking is not. The Tournament will start when we have max players. You get a point by getting to the finish block 1st not by getting all hats.

Prizes for the Top 4 Winners

1st Place - 500 SP

2nd Place - 250 SP

3rd Place - 100 SP

4th Place - 25 SP 

 Players in the tournament:

Player 1: TacoGuest

Player 2: UgotPwned4ever (SwaggBoss)

Player 3: Devious Matrix

Player 4: Choppen

Player 5: Critter

Player 6: Epic Sui

Player 7: (Empty)

Player 8: (Empty)

 Player 9: (Empty)

Player 10: (Empty)

Player 11: (Empty)

Player 12: (Empty)

Player 13: (Empty)

Player 14: (Empty)

Player 15: (Empty)


 Round 1

(0-0) TacoGuest vs Ugotpwned4ever (0-0)       Newbieland 2

(0-0) Devious Matrix vs Choppen (0-0)              Newbieland 2 

(0-0) Critter vs Epic Sui (0-0)                           Newbieland 2

(0-0) (Empty) vs (Empty) (0-0)                         Newbieland 2

(0-0) (Empty) vs (Empty) (0-0)                         Newbieland 2  

(0-0) (Empty) vs (Empty) (0-0)                         Newbieland 2

(0-0) (Empty) vs (Empty) (0-0)                         Newbieland 2

(0-0) (Empty) vs (Empty) (0-0)                         Newbieland 2         


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