--Luna Contest --


      We are having a contest to see who can make the best Luna (Space Adventure) level. Judged by TacoGuest, Swaggboss, and Choppen. If you have moon hat that should give you and advantage. Good Luck! 

Pizes for top 4 Winners

1st Place - 575 SP

2nd Place - 300 SP

3rd Place - 250 SP

4th Place - 100 SP 

 --Contest Standing--

Username Name of Luna Map SwaggBoss's Score TacoGuest's Score Choppen's Score Total Score
Barca Kid Newbieland in Space 2 None Yet 4.5 None Yet 4.5
Epic Sui Newb Galaxy None Yet 7.6 None Yet 7.6
exTTreme SpaceLabratory None Yet 8.0 None Yet 8.0

Note for the Judges - You can enter the contest only you cant score on your map. So you have a disanvantage. Also you can only score somones map from a rating 0 to 10.

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